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anabolic protein review Mass Gainer: Inner Armour Anabolic Peak review
15lbs Chocolate Flavor
This is a hurried review, mainly to show how thick and chunky it is. Sorry about the running tap and the bad camera work.

In my opinion it is way too chunky and thick. I have tried 3 other mass gainers, and this is by far the thickest. It is very messy, even with a powerful blender. You still have to pause the blender, and scrape the chunks in the jug with a spoon, by then the chunks get stuck on the spoon. And you end up with bubbles in the chunks. Even if you add more water than instructed, it is still thick.

In terms of performance, it is actually pretty good. I gained 3lbs of weight within first week.

Taste is not very nice, tastes like rich baking cocoa.

I would give it a 6/10 overall.

Plenty of BCAA, anabolic, creatine and glutamine though.

Inner Armour Anabolic Peak review
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