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The Role Of A Plastic Surgeon

A person considering having a face lift and keeps postponing it due to the thoughts that go through their mind about surgery and the stitches and the duration it takes to recover and the fact that you will be left with scars can relax because ultherapy is their solution.

The technology help in producing of collagen even after the skin is lifted and tightened. The ultherapy procedure takes a very short time usually less than an hour and the results slowly take place in two or three months and last for between two to three years if it is in the normal conditions.


A lot of people will wonder how such a procedure works and feel like the deal is too good and maybe not true, it is inevitable not to doubt the genuinety of the procedure. The plastic surgeon normally places a smooth applicator of ultra sound which is known as Ulthera on the face.

And the same way a doctor takes ultra sound of a baby and the full image of the baby appears for your view and that of the doctor. This is the same way that it is done but now on the tissue beneath the area that you as a patient need tightening to be done.
With the ulthera, the plastic surgeon administers heat energy on low levels on the tissues on the exact depth ensuring that the skin surface is unharmed. The purpose of the heat energy is to arouse production of collagen and eventually the skin starts tightening gradually. This procedure has no downtime and it is possible to resume daily activities soon after the treatment but there some people with reported side effects. These include bruising, slight numbness and pain as well.

Ultherapy is not one of the expensive procedures but it still is not as cheap and ranges between $2,000 and $5000 and this is dependent on if you want a whole, lower or brow lift. The plastic surgeon also determines the pricing of the treatment not forgetting the area to be treatment also is a factor.

The insurance industry does not cover treatments like ultherapy hence the importance of speaking to a skilled person in the process and see to it that you are conversant with what the procedure’s pros and cons.

Finally, ultherapy is distinct because it the only such treatment which has been approved by the state authorities because of the fact that the eyebrow skin life is non-invasive, the neck and underneath the chin. The decolletage has wrinkles and fine lines which this treatment has proved that it can successfully improve. It is even possible to give other types of treatments alongside ultherapy treatment with no effects.

What No One Knows About Services

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